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Mass Effect: Infiltrator Players can unlock and level-up biotics, but they suffer from a lack of identity — they are essentially all used to incapacitate an enemy and little else. The writing and voice acting aren't offensively bad, but also suffer from the same sense of blandness.

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Infiltrator is a passable cover shooter with uneven pacing. Later levels do contain plenty of brilliant moments. A typical firefight might require players to snipe someone from afar, quickly switch to shotgun to dispatch a flanking Geth then cloak to surreptitiously move to a new piece of cover, etc. Unfortunately most encounters don't play out so dynamically. Players can usually hide behind one piece of cover, taking out enemies one at a time. Mass Effect Infiltrator's gameplay simply isn't interesting or varied enough.

Mass Effect: Infiltrator's in-app purchases revealed

There are better shooters on the App Store, but there are also plenty worse. Mass Effect nuts or iOS gamers that have fully exhausted better options will enjoy mastering Infiltrator's campaign, but most gamers are probably better off buying a better alternative. Not that he has a huge amount of time to think about it, as within seconds he's assaulted by countless Husks and Turian enemies looking to put plasma-flavoured holes in his shiny new armour. Point And Click At its core, Mass Effect Infiltrator is a cover shooter, but one that thankfully eschews twin-stick messiness in favour of something a little more experimental.

Yes, you do use two virtual thumbsticks to move and look around, but once you're in cover you tap on an enemy to aim in his direction and then tweak the right stick to perfect your trajectory so you can concentrate fire on a particular part of his body. You can chuck Mass Effect 's signature biotics into the mix with a stab of the top-left corner of the screen, or use special abilities like a cloaking device on the bottom-right. When it all works, it's an elegant system, and one that encourages you to stay hidden as you pick off your enemies one by one.

Unfortunately, that's easier said than done.

What is it?

All too often you'll be surrounded by baddies and the controls will fall apart, leaving you hammering at the touchscreen while completely exposed. Couple that with weapons that have a peculiarly short range and it's far too easy to find yourself on the wrong side of a Turian blaster. You need patience and a lot of spatial awareness to stay alive even during Mass Effect Infiltrator 's early missions. Everything over there can't possibly be a proper game, because proper games have complex controls you can press and feel, not just simple taps and swipes.

This in turn leads to a lot of wasted time and energy as developers try to cater to this audience by making 'proper games' for touch-screen devices. They usually fail dismally, their square pegs jammed awkwardly halfway into a round hole, which in turn leads the aforementioned naysayers to nod sagely and pull 'told you so' faces.

One of the few developers to crack the hardcore touch-screen nut is Australia's IronMonkey Studio. You're playing as Randall Ezno, a Cerberus operative who captures aliens and brings them in for grisly experiments. Not long into the game, he realises this isn't a very nice way to make a living, and turns on his paymasters.

Premature Evaluations - First Impressions - Mass Effect Infiltrator Part 1 - WikiGameGuides

This involves a lot of shooting. What IronMonkey does so well is take the basics of a hardcore shooter and then boil them down to simple inputs that will work on a mobile, dressing them up with the sort of fancy pants graphics that gamers expect from a console release. Virtual sticks control Ezno and the camera as he walks around, but when the action kicks off, things tighten up.

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One of Electronic Art's better mobile games, Mass Effect Infiltrator, has been removed from the App Store. And if the company's post regarding. From the makers of the critically acclaimed Dead Space on iOS and Android comes an all-new, original Mass Effect storyline – made exclusively for mobile!.

Stand next to cover and he ducks into it. Now, swiping left, right and forwards make him automatically roll to fresh cover, and it's through this mechanic that you move onward.

Android versions unaffected

Enemies in weapon range can be tapped to target them, making Ezno pop out and start firing. You then guide his shots with your right thumb. Biotic powers and your arsenal are assigned to pull-down menus at the top left and right corners of the screen. It's simple but surprisingly effective, and the beefy presentation gives it a muscular kick.

Did we like it?

That's provided you don't get too far ahead or let enemies flank you. As long as the action is in front of you, the system is great. If you have to start dealing with threats from all sides, it falls apart somewhat. Thankfully, each battle is a self-contained checkpoint, so replays aren't too onerous.

As a polished shooting gallery built on the most basic inputs, it manages to tick both hardcore and casual boxes. No mean feat. Thanks to the simplistic nature of the action, success is measured not only by survival but by style.

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He travels around the galaxy finding ways to stop Cerberus in any way possible. You can even upload 'intel' that you pick up on the way to your Mass Effect 3 game, giving you more War Assets for your assault on the Reapers. No release date has yet been set for Mass Effect Infiltrator. FlashCharge Follow Forum Posts: Andromeda finally has a release date. Why in the world would I want another device?