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SOTI's Download Protection Service allows you to recover your purchased software application files for up to three years after initial purchase. Training Tools 4.

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Real-Time Remote Control-Now optimized for even faster performance across all networks! The software is paid software, the price is not cheap However the very useful for improving the performance of your BlackBerry you'll be able to work more efficient.

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You can chose to apply a default skin at this point of the setup as well. To create your Wireless Connection Profile: Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry by default will automatically detect the mobile phone and apply the appropriate skin when the Skin option is selected. If you wish to apply a specific skin, select Manually Configure Skin and choose the skin that you would like to use.

Connection Profiles

with a full keyboard! Control your BlackBerry® remotely from your desktop with SOTI Pocket SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry. FREE. Download. Your purchase of Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry, includes: 12 months of Skin Catalog Download Service; 12 months of Product Upgrade Service.

Default Profile You can set your default profile from the Settings screen by highlighting the desired profile and clicking "Set as Default Profile".