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Check your coverage Whilst we have tried to make this guide as accurate as possible, the information provided is not a guarantee of service availability. We have not tested every location within the areas shown as having coverage. So while the coverage footprint outlined on the maps is generally accurate, there may be specific areas shown as having coverage where your device will not work. All products using radio technology, including television and car radios, can be affected by local physical conditions which may interfere with radio signals. As with other mobile phone services, coverage can be affected in tunnels, dips, cuttings, mountains and wooded areas.

Even in high quality service areas, additional sites might be planned to improve the level of in-building coverage in known problem areas. The coverage maps may also indicate these planned coverage expansions. We reserve the right to modify this schedule without notice, as required from time to time.

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Joint last. Why is my Android flagship not getting updates for 4 years? You can do this once a month, as many times as you like. Read broadband customer guide. Order JAM Pack. This ensures you receive accurate information on the availability of providers and packages in your area.

We investigate their 4G network coverage, speeds and benefits too. January 7th But we're a bit concerned about worrying customer service complaints data and some of their benefits are being overtaken by other providers. Our guide below finds the things Virgin aren't great at but plenty of other positives to balance them out. Despite the impressive stats, no network has universal geographic coverage, so we highly recommend checking Virgin's signal everywhere you use your phone not just at home but on your commute, at work etc.

Virgin Mobile Broadband & Mobile Phone Coverage Map

Useful link: Better than: O2, Vodafone, Three and all providers that use them. That's home fibre broadband fast. And it's actually faster than the majority of EE plans with a 60 Mbps cap. Our rating: Three, Vodafone, O2 and other providers that use them. There is a difference though that could be crucial here.

BT Mobile and EE themselves. Our guide to the networks with WiFi calling. Nowadays, free WiFi is really easy to access in loads of businesses and transport hubs. Using WiFi instead of your mobile data saves using up your monthly allowance. All their mobile customers pay monthly or pay as you go get access to Virgin's network of 3.

Just download the free app, log in once and then every time you're in range, your phone will connect to the hotspot, saving you on your mobile data allowance. Until recently, you weren't allowed to use their pay monthly phones or SIMs for tethering making a WiFi hotspot with your phone using mobile data. We're pleased to say Virgin have now seen sense here and have started allowing tethering for all their pay monthly customers see screenshot of our chat conversation. So now you're free to use your superfast 4G data connection on Virgin to connect other WiFi-enabled devices like laptops, tablets or even other phones to your phone for internet when you're away from tradititional WiFi.

We all use different amounts of data each month. Sometimes we might not get anywhere near it. It'd be better if you could keep data longer than a month though Sky Mobile let you keep it the longest , up to 3 years. Not as good as: All others.

In our guide to free data schemes , we notice two ways that mobile networks are giving people free data for certain activities: All details on how Virgin's free messaging works. It varies per plan. To travel anywhere else gets very pricey, very quickly with Virgin. If you like the idea of free roaming anywhere elsewhere, read our guide to the best worldwide roaming mobile network here.

It's just not their strength. Virgin's full guide to roaming on their network Our rating: Similar to: Most others. Virgin do quite well here:. You can get the software free without giving any bank details. All features of F-Secure Safe and offer terms and conditions. In fact the government regulator Ofcom has just made it compulsory for mobile networks to offer customers the chance to set a cap on how much extra they can spend if it's something they want to do.

Virgin were offering this before the deadline came in. But because every network now offer them, spending caps needn't be the deciding factor between Virgin Mobile and any other provider any more. Costs for extra usage on Virgin Virgin's guide to spending caps. Mobile networks are starting to pick up on the fact that a lot of people now take out multiple contracts for their whole family, so are beginning to offer discounts and extra perks for families and groups. But we do have one little tip:.

Our guide to the best shared mobile plans Our rating: Joint last. See SIM only offers. There are two triple data ones that are ultra-competitive:.

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See all Virgin's offers on one page at virginmedia. Number of plans available: Price range: SIM card sizes: Standard, Micro, Nano. Minutes allowances: Texts allowances: Data allowances: Data speed: So if you need more minutes and data, you can switch to a more expensive plan that gives you more. See all phones. And you can change your monthly mins, texts and data plan up or down according to your needs. How Freestyle works.

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So the total cost could be more. Virgin have a scheme where you trade in your phone with them to upgrade early by paying off your loan. We find this sort of scheme poor value. Any upfront cost. You get it with either a phone see range here or just a SIM , with a choice to buy either a monthly bundle of minutes, texts and data a JAM pack or just pay per minute, text and MB data on Virgin's Starter tariff. The Starter tariff is very uncompetitive and expensive compared to competitors like 1pMobile's 1p per minute, text or MB data tariff or Three's 3p 2p 1p plan.

It's also worth noting you won't get 4G on Virgin Mobile pay as you go. You'll only get the slower 3G speeds. Overall, to be frank, there are better PAYG options elsewhere. They no longer offer them, you can only get a plan with a device included:.

Virgin Mobile's mobile broadband plans here are pretty cheap on a monthly basis and we'd describe the pocket WiFi device included as standard quality. You can choose between a day rolling plan you'll pay an upfront charge for the device or a month deal with the same monthly cost but no upfront fee for the device itself. Overall, it's hard to get excited about Virgin Mobile's mobile broadband but it's reasonably priced and does get you access to a large and fast 4G network from EE.

We're not huge fans of going to customer review websites to find out whether people are happy with a company for a couple of reasons:. Firstly, people mainly go there if they've had a problem. You don't take the time to write a review if everything was fine.

Virgin Mobile Overdrive Pro 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot Unboxing

So companies look unrealistically bad on consumer review websites. That is, of course, unless the company pays the consumer review website to manage the reviews on them: This too is a problem, because it just means companies that pay have better ratings and ones that don't have worse rankings, so there's no accurate way to compare.

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Check our fantastic 4G and 3G mobile reception across the UK with our handy checker. It shows you signal strength in your area on an easy-to-read map. Check your coverage here, so you can see when it comes to coverage, we're all over it. Virgin Mobile is powered by the Optus 4G Plus Network.

Instead we look at Ofcom complaints data how many people have had to go to the government regulator because the mobile network didn't resolve their issue. Ofcom's latest numbers show that they receive the more complaints about Virgin than all other major mobile providers. Their worsening score has lost them half a star in our overall review rating. Read Ofcom's latest telecoms report. Read broadband customer guide.

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