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Choose Allow so users can turn on the Unknown sources. This setting allows apps to install from unknown sources. Not configured prevents users from turning on Unknown sources. System update: Choose an option to define how the device handles over-the-air updates: App auto-updates: Choose when automatic updates are installed.

Your options: Bildirim windows: Notification windows: When set to Disable , window notifications, including toasts, incoming calls, outgoing calls, system alerts, and system errors are not shown on the device. When set to Not configured , the operating system default is used, which may be to show notifications. Skip first use hints: Choose Enable to hide or skip suggestions from apps to step through tutorials or read any introductory hints when the app starts.

When set to Not configured , the operating system default is used, which may be to show these suggestions when the app starts. You can configure a device to run one app, or many apps. When a device is in kiosk mode, only the apps you add are available. These settings apply to Android dedicated devices but not to Android fully managed dedicated devices. Kiosk mode: Choose if the device will run one app or multiple apps. Single app kiosk: Users can only access a single app on the device. When the device starts, only the specific app starts.

Users are restricted from opening new apps or from changing the running app. Choose Select a managed app , and select the managed Google Play app from the list. If you don't have any apps listed, then add some Android apps to the device.

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Be sure to assign the app to the device group created for your kiosk devices. Multi-app kiosk: Users can access a limited set of apps on the device. When the device starts, only the apps you add start. You can also add some web links that users can open. When the policy is applied, users see icons for the allowed apps on the home screen. The Managed Home Screen app isn't required to be in the configuration profile, but it is required to be added as a client app.

When the Managed Home Screen app is added as a client app, any other apps you add in the configiration profile are shown as icons on the the Managed Home Screen app. Choose Add , and select your apps from the list. You can also add other Android apps and web apps created by your organization to the device. Virtual home button: Choose Enable to show a home button on the kiosk device.

When selected, it returns the user to the device's home screen so users can easily switch between apps. On some Android devices, users may need to swipe up on the screen to show the home button. Disable doesn't show a home button, so users must use the back button to switch between apps. Leave kiosk mode: Choose Enable to allow Administrators to temporarily pause kiosk mode to update the device. To use this feature, the administrator does the following: Disable doesn't give the ability to pause kiosk mode.

If the administrator continues to select the back button, and selects the "Exit Kiosk" button, then a message states that a passcode is required. Set custom URL background: Enter a URL to customize the background screen on the kiosk device. Always-on VPN: Always-on VPN connections stay connected or immediately connect when the user locks their device, the device restarts, or the wireless network changes. Deploying multiple Always VPN policies to a single device isn't supported. VPN istemcisi: VPN client: Kilit modunda: Lockdown mode: Choose Enable to force all network traffic to use the VPN tunnel.

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If a connection to the VPN isn't established, then the device won't have network access. Choose Not configured to allow traffic to flow through the VPN tunnel or through the mobile network. Copy and paste between work and personal profiles: Choose Block to prevent copy-and-paste between work and personal apps.

Data sharing between work and personal profiles: Choose if apps in the work profile can share with apps in the personal profile. Your sharing options: Work profile notifications while device locked: Controls whether apps in the work profile can show data in notifications when the device is locked. Block doesn't show the data.

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Not configured shows the data. Default app permissions: Sets the default permission policy for all apps in the work profile. Starting with Android 6, the user is prompted to grant certain permissions required by apps when the app is launched.

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This policy setting lets you decide if users are prompted to grant permissions for all apps in the work profile. For example, you assign an app to the work profile that requires location access. Normally that app prompts the user to approve or deny location access to the app.

Use this policy to automatically grant permissions without a prompt, automatically deny permissions without a prompt, or let the end user decide. Choose from: Add and remove accounts: Choose Block to prevent end users from manually adding or removing accounts in the work profile. For example, when you deploy the Gmail app into an Android work profile, you can prevent end users from adding or removing accounts in this work profile.

Not configured allows adding accounts in the work profile. Contact sharing via Bluetooth: Enables access to work contacts from another device, such as a car, that is paired using Bluetooth. By default, this setting isn't configured, and work profile contacts aren't shown. Select Enable to allow this sharing, and show work profile contacts. Bu ayar, Android OS v6. This setting applies to Android work profile devices on Android OS v6.

Enabling this setting may allow certain Bluetooth devices to cache work contacts upon first connection. Choose Block to prevent screenshots or screen captures on the device in the work profile. Not configured allows getting screenshots. Display work contact caller-id in personal profile: When enabled Not configured , the work contact caller details are displayed in the personal profile.

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When set to Block , the work contact caller number isn't displayed in the personal profile. Applies to Android OS v6. Search work contacts from personal profile: Choose Block to prevent users from searching for work contacts in apps in the personal profile. Not required allows searching for work contacts in the personal profile. Choose Block to prevent access to the camera on the device in the work profile. The camera on the personal side is not affected by the setting.

Not required allows access to the camera in the work profile. These password settings apply to personal profiles on devices that use a work profile. Threat scan on apps: Require enforces that the Verify Apps setting is enabled for work and personal profiles. This setting only works for devices that are Android O and above. Profili atama ve durumunu izleme. Assign the profile and monitor its status.

You can also create kiosk profiles for Android and Windows 10 devices. Blogumuzda daha fazla bilgi bulabilirsiniz. Bu makalede. Device default: Use the device's default setting. The user is prompted to approve the permission. Otomatik olarak izin ver: Auto grant: Permissions are automatically granted. Otomatik olarak Reddet: Auto deny: Permissions are automatically denied. There isn't a suitable network in the last policy.

The device boots into an app in lock task mode. The user is unable to reach the device settings. Device Default: Updates are automatically installed without user interaction. Setting this policy immediately installs any pending updates. The first step of this end-to-end tutorial is to create a Web API project that supports all of the CRUD operations; note that you will add the Windows Phone application project to this solution in Step 2 of this tutorial.

Open Visual Studio Click File , then New , and then Project. Vurgulama ASP. Highlight ASP. Zaman yeni ASP. When the New ASP. When the Web API project opens, remove the sample controller from the project: Name the file Books. Zaman Books. When the Books.

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If a connection to the VPN isn't established, then the device won't have network access. Multi-app kiosk: Bluetooth configuration: After 30 days, Android prompts the user to install. Virtual home button:

Save and close the XML file. Right-click the Models folder in the solution explorer, then click Add , and then click Class. Zaman BookDetails.

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When the BookDetails. Kaydet ve Kapat BookDetails. Save and close the BookDetails. Add the bookstore controller to the Web API project: Right-click the Controllers folder in the solution explorer, then click Add , and then click Controller. When the Add Controller dialog box is displayed, name the controller BooksController , and then click Add. Zaman BooksController. When the BooksController. Kaydet ve Kapat BooksController. Save and close the BooksController. Build the Web API application to check for errors.

The next step of this end-to-end scenario is to create the catalog application for Windows Phone 8. This application will use the Windows Phone Databound App template for the default user interface, and it will use the Web API application that you created in Step 1 of this tutorial as the data source. Right-click the BookStore solution in the in the solution explorer, then click Add , and then New Project. Add the Json. Add the BookDetails model to the BookCatalog project; this contains a generic model of the bookstore class: Right-click the BookCatalog project in the solution explorer, then click Add , and then click New Folder.