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As well as allowing you to lock apps and other items, it's also got a useful feature that allows you to prevent the app being uninstalled.

It also brings other options, like a selfie snapshot of anyone trying to access your phone without authorization and the ability to lock your phone remotely. Both offer paid in-app upgrades too. Once installed, you just need to scroll through a list of your installed apps and select which ones you want to protect. Then, each time you open one of those apps, you'll be asked for a password or fingerprint to unlock them. Until now, all the apps in this list do exactly what you'd expect them to do, but there are other covert options available that put a bit more effort into hiding the fact that you're withholding files and apps from being displayed.

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There are also other features baked in to Hide It Pro, like file encryption on a case-by-case basis, but for some aspects like secure messaging or browsing you'll need to install the add-ons separately. Which app you use to hide or protect your files and other bits will depend on what you want to achieve. Let us know which app you prefer in the comments below! Safe Folder Vault App Lock is a all in one app. In app you get all feature which we need for keep a secret of our privet data.

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Safe Folder Vault applock allows you to protect your data with password, pattern and fingerprint lock. It not only helps you protect your apps but you can also use this app to protect hide photos,videos ,Audio, documents, your contacts, your privet List with a AppLock. In other features, it offers sharing of your data using from phone-to-phone or from phone-to PC, fake PIN code, intruder alert,Privet Browser,manage Privet Contacts and you can also manage your Wallets detailed.

You can Hide this app Icon so your partner never know about this app or you can cover up this app by calculator app icon to prevent to open this app by your partner.

How to hide files, photos and apps on Android

I think this is a unique app which contents all feature. I think Gallery Vault is the best. It is com. This seems to depend on how a user "lends" the device to somebody else.

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Softonic review Vault is an excellent app if you have secret things on your phone that you don't want others to see. You can also lock apps so they can only be opened if the correct password is entered. It lets you hide apps from view, and protect them with passwords and pattern locks. You have to create a PIN to use every time you want to access your app, and it keeps all of your sensitive files in one location. You'll need the paid version of Nova Launcher to hide apps but there are free alternatives too. DoMobile Lab.

My main defense against theft has been a pattern screen lock and software to pursue the thief and disable the phone if needed. My personal lending has been to hand it to somebody to make a call or send an SMS while I'm standing there - the first line of defense against abuse seems to be how much time you're giving the Alien User to abuse your trust.

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I haven't lent the phone overnight or walked away to let them read SMS, emails or etc. I suppose if I was active on various social media I'd be more worried, but as is not so. Andrognito does NOT allow you to hide apps -- you didn't really try it, did you? Yep, Hide It Pro. Good functionality and reliable. Worth mentioning for sure. Might add it to the list sometime. Another incredibly useful app is EDS which allows you to create encrypted file containers.

It is fully compatible with TrueCrypt as well so you can create an encrypted container on your PC and transfer it to your Android device and vice-versa. Android apps have helped enhance a smartphone user's ability to private files and information. Flag as inappropriate. SwiftWifiStudio gmail. Privacy Policy. See more.

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SuperTools Corporation. DoMobile Lab.

Secretly hide apps on your phone so that others do not know you have them

Lock apps, protect privacy. Hide photos, videos, music, apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat , notes on your phone. Green world inc.

Best photo vault help you hide all pictures that you do not want others to see. Calculator Vault: App Hider - Hide Apps. It makes some other, smaller changes to the basic interface as well, and integrates them with its security functionality. Its app hiding and locking functionality is baked right into the launcher itself. That's why, when installing it, your lock screen will look different and your background may change.

That said, in almost every respect Hide Apps And Lock Apps looks just like the default launcher; the only caveat is that you can't use its functions with another launcher. It lets you hide apps from view, and protect them with passwords and pattern locks. For the simplest of needs. Hide Apps And Lock Apps is easiest to recommend if you aren't already using a different launcher, and you simply want to hide and lock apps very easily.

Though as a launcher, it isn't of the highest quality, the fact it makes so few changes means that this will not be very noticeable to a basic user who just really, really wants to hide some apps.