Windows mobile software update 6.5

How to upgrade your phone to Windows Mobile 6.5

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Sullivan admitted that Windows Mobile has taken some criticism from Motorola Inc. Nonetheless, LG Electronics today announced it is making Windows Mobile its primary smartphone platform, with 26 different mobile models using the operating system in Sullivan demonstrated beta software of 6.

Microsoft provides the operating system for several major device manufacturers and has been concerned that its role in the highly competitive smartphone market has been diluted, especially because of the success of Apple, which makes the iPhone's operating system as well as the device, and Research In Motion Ltd.

Sullivan said Microsoft wants to "improve the user experience" and has designed 6. For example, the 6. That innovation means a user can make touches on smaller smartphones with one hand, using the thumb for touching icons.

Breathe New Life Into Your Aging Windows Mobile 6.x Device

The home screen has a honeycomb look, with the icons further apart than with other home screens for easier touches. Another upgrade allows users at the home screen, known as the "Today" screen, to quickly get to applications with a simple drag of an icon. Bar Code Scanners. CN50 Firmware upgrade procedure for version 2. System Article Number. Last Modified Date.

Microsoft unveils Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system

Can a CN50 be upgraded from WM6. Applies To. Mobility Hardware: CN5x Operating Systems: Windows Mobile 6. The Upgrade is done using Smart System or FMT tool only, on units that the configuration number has a "2" in the position 11 of the 12 character CN number. That 2 means unit with MB. Using an SD card method, like older firmware, will break the units and they will have to be sent in for repair.

Upgrade from Windows Mobile 6.5 to 7

The process below covers upgrading the CN50 computer to Windows mobile 6. This is the only OS version that contains the intermediate version. What we're doing today is installing unofficial software, something which your handset isn't currently set up to do.

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  6. Install Android on Your WinMo Device!

Our first order of business, then, is to install a new bootloader, called HardSPL, on the device, which will allow your handset to load software from third parties, i. Let's go:.

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You don't need to set up any sync rules—just makes sure the connection is active. You can check this by looking for a bi-directional arrow in your phone's taskbar. Extract the bootloader you've downloaded, and note the location see "What You'll Need" for links.

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How to upgrade a windows mobile from WM to WM or WM to WM 7? What are the steps? Mobile Devices · Software update. How to upgrade your phone to Windows Mobile to upgrade their phone to run this new software as it requires certain hardware features.

Follow the instructions, carefully. The software performs lots of checks to make sure you don't goof this up, but make sure you a. Or else there may be bricking.

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You'll see paired progress bars on your phone and computer screen. This part of the process doesn't take that long, since you're only updating a small piece of software. Restart your phone. The small text in the corner of your Windows Mobile splash screen will have changed to something unfamiliar, but don't worry about verifying your new bootloader. If you ran the utility to completion and the device restarted on its own, it's more or less a sure thing that you're upgraded.

This is the most esoteric part of the process, so I'll try not to get too deep into the nuts and bolts. Basically, your device has firmware that manages its various antennae, letting you connect to cellular networks, GPS, etc. Installing a fresh Radio onto your device usually won't make much of a change in how your phone works. Some radios can improve reception on certain networks, or even connect to entirely new mobile bands.

For more info on that, I'l refer you again to XDA. You'll probably notice that this process is seems an awfully lot like the last stage: Since we're "flashing" different parts of your phone's software in each step, the core utility, and general technique, is quite similar.

Copy the extracted radio file—it should have an. NBH extension—to the directory where you've put your bootloader. Let the phone restart.

Nothing much will have changed, but you may need to perform some minor network setup. Don't worry too much about that now, since you're about to wipe your whole device.