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Good amount of categories. Content isn't categorized well, not unique.

What does Microsoft's $7.6bn, 7,800-person layoff mean for Windows Phone?

We Heart It is an app that plays out like Pinterest almost to the point. You look at images and you can sort them through all sorts of categories, and then if you like an image you heart it you pin it. Funny enough, We Heart It was actually a thing before Pinterest, but it didn't manage to take such a viral portion of the market as quickly. However, We Heart It still has 20 million active users so it's still a sizable app, but I don't see anything here that Pinterest doesn't have now.

In the app you can look at pictures from the main page, or you can sort through your categories and create a personalized page, with all of your categories.

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For example, I created a list for fantasy, outdoors, and art. When I tapped on fantasy, it took me to a whole bunch of pictures that it found fantasy worthy.

DIY Fashion With The Merrell Twins Pt. 2 - We Heart It

In the immediate term, Microsoft is more likely to attempt to approach the mobile device segment from other angles. It has begun spreading signature Microsoft apps onto other smartphone platforms. In fact Microsoft has recently been making deals with Android smartphone and tablet manufacturers to pre-install a small army of its apps on big-name devices from Sony, HTC, Samsung and others.

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Discover photos, videos and articles from friends that share your passion for beauty, fashion, photography, travel, music, wallpapers and more. Browse endless. , users. Overview. Official We Heart It Google Chrome extension. Send images from any website to your profile on We Heart It. Details.

Wood says: But Microsoft will also need a proof of concept smartphone line, similar to what it is doing with its two-in-one Surface tablets to show people what is possible with a Windows smartphone, if it is to entice third-party manufacturers. It could extend the Surface line to smaller devices, although it is never likely to be a volume player.

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For now the future looks dim for Windows Phones, but perhaps Microsoft can make one good phone by consolidating its teams and do what Apple has managed with essentially one smartphone — now two — a year. Unsustainable Since its purchase of the Lumia division, Microsoft has released a series of lacklustre consumer devices with little to differentiate themselves from the competition or previous models released under Nokia.

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To view and install apps from other devices, you have to open Store app first in the Start screen. Open in new tab. In addition, Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise will incorporate the latest security and innovation features as soon as they are available. App Store Preview. Small programs that add new features to your browser and personalize your browsing experience. Just drag onto the PhotoSync icon to beam to your devices. The age range and market of the app is actually 16 to 24, which I would imagine is predominantly female.

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