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HTC 8S review: a budget Windows Phone that doesn't compromise on style

HTC 8S Review

The Windows Phone 8S by contrast uses 4. The maximum battery runtime is determined with minimum brightness setting low and constantly activated energy-saving mode. In the foreground a script refreshes pages of a text document in the browser. In this scenario the device shuts down just after 15 hours. The very opposite is determined with the help of the application WP Bench free which utilizes the device to its full capacity. After 2 hours and 47 minutes the device runs out of power. Both tests show two very rare scenarios. A more common scenario is estimated with surfing with WLAN that utilizes a script to refresh a website every 40 seconds.

More than 8 hours elapse to full discharge. The Windows Phone 8S does not have to hide from competitors, it offers a solid battery runtime in all scenarios. The performance convinced us as well, however there were some lags from time to time. It offers better battery runtime but cannot score with its outdoor use ability due to the low screen brightness. It is packed with power and offers a bigger screen with HD resolution.

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A true alternative for supporters of the tile-based operating system is currently Nokia with the Lumia and Huawei with the Ascend W1. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.

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We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Please, switch off ad blockers. Smartphone Windows. Different color schemes. Only a small plastic cover is detachable. Right side: Telephony The default view of the phone application is the call list.

Windows Phone 8S: Warranty The warranty period is 24 months. Profile mode. Landscape mode.

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Gossen Mavo-Monitor. Voice Quality The caller was clearly understandable and there were no complaints about distortions or unusual sounds on the other side.

Temperature The temperature development of the Windows Phone 8S remains in a suitable area. Power Supply max. Beats Audio only works for headphones. Energy Management. Voltcraft VC Battery Runtime. Courtesy of In Review: Qualcomm Adreno Audio Connections: The presentation starts very successfully with the packaging.

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HTC Windows Phone 8S: An impressive budget Windows Phone 8 handset with a good camera, but Nokia's Lumia rival takes the crown. HTC 8S. One of the first Windows Phone 8 devices, but does this mid-range handset impress? By James Compare that to the HTC Windows Phone 8S, which can be picked up for around £ (around HTC 8S review.

The power supply provides up to 5W The power button up top and the volume rocker on the right edge are all perfectly accessible. Cons Fairly low resolution screen Strongly constrasting colours won't be to everyone's taste Only a 5MP camera. Key Specifications Review Price: Next Interface and Screen Review. How to unblock a dishwasher.

Vodafone brings 5G to Manchester Airport to end pre-flight downloads scramble. We also found that dust quickly builds up in the slight gap between the screen and the edge. It's not a huge issue but quickly detracts from the look and feel after just a few days of use. This gives it a pixel density of ppi, which is significantly and predictably lower than more expensive rivals. While the phone can't display the same super sharp text as flagship models, it does a reasonably good job at rendering readable text when zoomed in.

The display also has reasonable viewing angles, but we found brightness a little low and sunlight legibility fairly poor.

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The consistent performance of the Windows Phone platform means that the 8S is a great option for users on a budget. Despite being a mid-range device, the 8S is a fast and slick smartphone.

One of the first Windows Phone 8 devices, but does this mid-range handset impress?

The other main software addition comes in the shape of Beats audio. Vodafone brings 5G to Manchester Airport to end pre-flight downloads scramble. The HTC 8S is a different. Videos can be recorded in the small HD mode p. The default view of the phone application is the call list. If you ask us, the tradeoff that comes with a smaller battery is more than offset by the smaller screen it needs to power. It's a great and distinctive look, making the phone immediately recognisable no matter what angle it's viewed at.

The consistent performance of the Windows Phone platform, regardless of price tag or hardware, means that the 8S is a great option for users on a budget. While the flagship 8X is slightly faster, the difference won't be too noticeable to a casual user. Windows Phone 8 devices all feature a similar interface, so the major difference between models is any extra software that the manufacturer includes.

There's also a Flashlight, a Photo Enhancer and a Converter app. The most useful HTC addition, however, lies at the bottom of the settings menu. Attentive phone settings consists of three options that utilise internal sensors like the gyroscope and the accelerometer. The settings will lower the ring volume when you pick up the phone, increase the ring volume while the 8S is in your pocket or bag and enable you to flip over the phone to mute the ringer during an incoming call. These aren't new features they've been available on many HTC Android devices in the past but it's good to see them included on a mid-range device.

It includes all of the standard benefits including a home screen interface with support for small, medium and large live tiles, built-in Skype integration, a revamped backup system that now includes the ability to backup SMS messages, a 'Kid's Corner' function where only pre-selected apps can be accessed and the expansion of the People Hub with a new 'Rooms' feature that shares lists, calendars and photos.

A visit to the Microsoft Store will quickly tell you all you need to know but many apps we use on a daily basis on iOS and Android simply aren't available on Windows Phone. It's not simply about the number of apps here, but the number of important apps that have become popular on smartphones. It's an issue that we suspect will prevent most average consumers switching from iOS or Android to a Windows Phone. The situation should improve in the coming months, but whether it will be enough is still up for debate.

We found most of our images suffered from excessive image noise and poor colour reproduction. Video recording, at a maximum of p resolution, is also below average.