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The 26 Best Amazon Fire Tablet Apps

If you don't have a Kindle Fire with a camera, you can still use the app for chatting. If you have a Prime account, you have access to Amazon's wide library of streaming video. In a classic tale of colonization, Bully Beasts have driven out the happy monsters who once inhabited the world of Clay Jam and now it is your duty to rebuild the hills of Clay Jam, bring the monsters back, and kick out the Bully Beasts -- literally.

The addictive monster action game's whimsical appeal evokes a " Pee-wee's Playhouse " aesthetic and its colorful Claymation graphics have crisp details that'll have you willingly wiping the smudges off your screen in between gameplay. It provides the basic necessary weather forecasts on top of a crisp visual simulation that rivals a real-life window view.

You can illuminate the screen -- in a variety of colors -- or activate the rear LED flash if you have it. Tablet aren't the best device for blasting your favorite tunes, but some Kindle Fire models house decent speakers -- for a slate. The Equalizer FX app helps optimize audio with different genre presets for a more enjoyable listening experience. It doesn't make a huge difference but those who like a little more low-end oomph will appreciate the additional bass.

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The front facing camera on the Kindle Fire HD is for Skype video calls. But there's no camera app in its interface -- it's hidden. Here's how to find it. Here is a quick and dirty app for launching the built-in camera app on the Fire HD . All it does is find the Intent for, and.

The gamification of reading, writing, and comprehending a new language is enjoyable and supplements the dead brain cells caused by the time spent reaching an embarrassingly high level on Candy Crush Saga. If you own a Roku, the Roku app is a no-brainer. It replaces the functionality of the remote and uses the same Wi-Fi connection your device is connected to. I personally prefer the app to the onscreen menu, since it's easier to quickly browse through your channels and the store, but I also like it a lot because my Roku remote is a little wonky and requires Wii-like flair for it to work.

Don't nobody got time for that. If you're an HBO subscriber, HBO Go will give you access to a vast library of hit movies, documentaries, and original television series, like my favorite show "The Wire. If you have, I'll see you in the comments section.

But honestly, HBO Go helps you take full advantage of your subscription and gives you mobile access to the best premium entertainment the channel has to offer. If you're not the type of person to sync your files often, the Splashtop Remote app offers free and easy remote access to your laptop or desktop from your Kindle Fire tablet. After setting it up -- which is relatively quick and simple -- you can view your computer's desktop and access your files as long as the computer is on and connected to Wi-Fi. It's easy to open apps and mindlessly forget they're running in the background -- until things begin to slow down or lag.

Clean Master is a useful app that offers extra help in ensuring that this doesn't happen, even when you're not thinking about it. Not only can you remove junk files, free up RAM, and delete apps en masse, but it automatically offers reminders for some of these functions when and if they need to be done.


Don't show this again. Prev Next Prev Next. Hot like Kindle Fire Amazon's Kindle Fire slates were hot to trot when they first debuted and they continue to set the tablet world ablaze with the better-than-ever HDX lineup. December 18, Caption: Xiomara Blanco Photo: Screenshot by CNET. Candy Crush Saga Kindle Fire owners rejoiced when Candy Crush Saga was finally added to the Amazon Appstore in October and, if you don't already have a sweet tooth for popular puzzle game, where have you been?

Skype The Kindle Fire HDX lineup dons spiffy new front-facing cameras that deliver clear and moderately colorful video, making Skype calls more tolerable for friends and loved ones everywhere. Instantly Daily Weekly. Report Post. Bad language. Not English content. Text comment: Send a warning to post author. Send Warning. Ban user and delete all posts.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Review

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