Lg e400 optimus l3 vs samsung galaxy y

Compare LG Optimus L3 E400 Vs Samsung Galaxy Y

Technology - There are two main screen technologies currently used in phones and tablets: The former usually features a light source and liquid crystals, while the latter is based on organic light-emitting diodes. Current AMOLED screens differ in such a way that they can exhibit much more saturated colors sometimes too much and incredibly high contrast levels, which is due to black color being completely black in AMOLED displays. Screen-to-body ratio - Shows what part of the frontal area of a phone its screen occupies.

Phone Comparison - Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 vs LG Optimus L3 E400 vs Huawei Ascend Y210D

Processor - The processor is the main computing component of a phone and is a major factor when it comes to the overall speed of the device. Some more powerful smartphones use dual-core and quad-core processors designed to deliver greater performance.

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Samsung Galaxy Y S specs compared to LG Optimus L3 E Detailed up- do-date specifications shown side by side. LG Optimus L3 E g; Samsung Galaxy Y S 97 g. Around 18% lighter than LG Optimus L3 E Light weight devices are easier to hold without.

Storage expansion - Some handsets allow you to expand their storage capacity by using a memory expansion card — most often microSD. Expansion memory is mostly suitable for media storage, such as photo, video or music content.

Popular LG Optimus L3 Comparisons

Capacity - The bigger, the better! However, battery capacity is not the only factor that has an effect on battery life.

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Those include the chipset in use, the software running on the device, as well as the consumer's unique usage pattern. Location - This field shows the positioning systems supported by the device. GPS - This is one of the most widespread global positioning technologies, developed and maintained by the U. Stand-by time 3G - As rated by manufacturer.

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HSDPA 7. Phone features. To see the full specifications with in-depth details click here. Back on top of Android. Samsung Galaxy S10e hands-on: Big features in a smaller package. The Samsung Galaxy Fold has just been officially announced!

Why is LG Optimus L3 E400 better than LG Magna?

This means that the Galaxy Y has a faster download speed. The higher the number, the more detailed and good-looking the display is. Has dedicated media keys? About PhonesData PhonesData is the Web site where you can find information about the full technical specifications of all smartphones. Hot phones.

Coming soon! Razer lays off most of its mobile division staff, cancels Razer Phone 3. Here's what you have to tell Apple to get a free replacement unit for a bent iPad Pro. Massive leak details Apple's roadmap: Samsung Galaxy Fold will be released on only two US carriers this spring. Hot phones.

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Forgot Password. A BSI backside illuminated sensor is a camera image sensor which captures better quality images in poor lighting conditions, and offers better overall sharpness and image quality.

LG Optimus L3 E vs Samsung Galaxy Young 2 - Phone Comparison

A two-stage shutter can help you take photos like a pro: It can automatically shoot pictures with a higher dynamic range HDR. Devices with stereo speakers deliver sound from independent channels on both left and right sides, creating a richer sound and a better experience. With a standard mini jack socket, you can use the device with most headphones.

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More microphones result in better sound quality and enable the device to filter out background noise. A built-in FM radio tuner allows you to listen to most of the live-broadcasted FM radio stations without using the internet. Phones with physical keyboards have dedicated media keys, such as: The manufacturer offers a branded wireless charging kit.

To charge the device, you simply put it down on its charging base. Offline voice recognition enables you to perform voice actions, like dictating texts or using various voice commands, without an internet connection.

Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS

Anyone is free to use, copy, study, and change the software in any way, and the source code is openly shared so that people are encouraged to voluntarily improve the design of the software. If an app has sharing capabilities and the developers have indicated it, the app will automatically appear in your list of sharing options. Built-in FM transmitter allows you to wirelessly stream music from your device to any radio, e.

Nowadays, it is used to create film-like motion characteristics. It's a standard popular among professional cameras and camcorders. Whenever the Facebook key lights up contents can be quickly shared by pressing it. A system camera has lots of changeable parts such as lenses, flashes and other accessories.

They offer greater flexibility than compact cameras.