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I am in KSA In India i hope a price difference of atleast. Good luck Thanks to the entertainer, TheApprentice and SuperNexus: You're well-informed, knowledgeable with a terrefic sense of humour. You guys make this thread more interesting. Keep it up! For all those guys thats been complaining no instagram and it will never come heres some good news its in the work and whats more its coming as a Wp8 nokia lumia exclusive, already the instagram tile was spotted on a package image of none other than our beloved l Some people want everything to work and feel like Android!

Why did they even bother to check other OS's offerings then? Just dealt with one such funny guy in Lumia comment section. I respect Android and the way it is and at a same time, I respect Windows Phone for being something really new and unique. I really hope people take things with open mind!

Nokia Lumia 620 Windows Phone

Athull, 05 Mar What cable is he talking about? AnonD, 05 Mar Yes, could be a software issue but Nokia need to acknowledge and fix it as fast as possible.

Athull, 05 Mar Oh screw my phones video play back lol. I remember it being reported in some forums and it co I am sure Nokia will be on fire if the same issue is in Indian variant too and large number of people report it to Nokia by awareness through forums, videos. Athull, 05 Mar Yes, well except glam me which is only available at for the moment but i am sure nokia wil Even the Lumia is invited to the party of great camera lenses! Lenses are very useful software enhancements to camera functionality.

From third touch onward, i I remember it being reported in some forums and it could be more of a software issue than faulty piece.

Nokia Lumia 635 RM-974

From third touch onward, it fails to keep subsequent touches and sometimes, even the second touch is failing to register. I can clearly make it out from that video. November edition Smartphone buyer's guide. Post your opinion.

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Despite its low price it has an appealing design, good performance and a long list of features, making it one of the best entry-level smartphones on the market. This is one of the best constructed smartphones we've seen at this price point.

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The Lumia is described by Nokia as having a "youthful appeal" but while its bright colours give it a playful look, it feels nothing like a toy. This is one of the best constructed smartphones we've seen at this price point, combining an attractive look with excellent ergonomics. The front of the phone is completely flat but the back curves smoothly towards the edges making it sit comfortably in your hand.

If you're concerned with the large footprint of many flagship smartphones, the Lumia is likely to be the perfect size. When held with one hand we easily managed to stretch our thumb to the very top of the screen.

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At 11mm thick the Lumia certainly isn't as thin as many other handsets on the market, but its light weight of g is evenly balanced. It's comfortable to hold and use. There's also a physical camera shutter key which can be held for three seconds to jump straight into the camera. All keys are well positioned and provide good tactility. Nokia has made use of snap-on covers on the Lumia The cover can be removed by pushing the camera lens and pulling back the top of the plastic cover.

The process is a little fiddly but it's something you probably won't be doing too often.

Despite the removable covers there are no creaks, rattles or signs of poor build quality. Everything feels very well put together. There are a range of different coloured snap-on covers available for the device in both matte and gloss finishes. Most use a "dual-shot colour technique" which involves a second layer of coloured, transparent or translucent polycarbonate applied over the base layer.

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This effect creates secondary colours like lime green, which combines yellow and cyan. The colours are bright, bold and distinctive and further add to the Lumia 's appeal.

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The Nokia Lumia has a 3. That resolution provides a pixel density of ppi, which is more than most budget smartphones.

Nokia's low-priced Lumia 620 landing Down Under

The screen performs well in direct sunlight, has good viewing angles and displays relatively clear text, provided you're zoomed in enough. Things can become a little cramped during Web browsing, but Windows Phone 8's Internet Explorer browser does a pretty good job of rendering most websites. Once you start using the Lumia , it becomes quickly apparent that Nokia hasn't cut many corners. The user experience is virtually identical to the flagship Lumia , aside from the much smaller screen.

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You get all the same software features that Microsoft includes in Windows Phone 8, along with the various apps that Nokia pre-loads. Performance is excellent. The Lumia 's 1GHz dual-core processor and MB of RAM might not sound like much on paper but that's irrelevant as they make for a smooth and fast user experience. Scrolling is smoother than almost any Android phone, there is no lag when switching between apps and performance is consistent and snappy. The combination of the Windows Phone 8 OS and the Lumia 's hardware, even if not at the cutting edge, makes for a speedy and efficient device.

For a phone at this price point, Nokia's range of apps and features are significantly impressive. It allows you to download a range of maps from entire countries to use when you don't have any mobile network coverage. The ability to download maps means the navigation service doesn't use any mobile data, just the Lumia 's built-in GPS chip.

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Nokia also includes the here City Lens app on the Lumia , which uses augmented-reality to display nearby points of interest. However, we found it largely a gimmick and the same results show up in a standard search through the Here Maps app. The biggest downside to the Nokia Lumia is the lack of popular third-party apps. The Windows Phone 8 OS itself also has some excellent core features and they're all available on the Lumia The built-in, free Microsoft Office app handles Word and Excel documents with ease and is without a doubt the best office client on any mobile platform.

A visit to the Microsoft App Store will quickly tell you all you need to know but many apps we use on a daily basis on iOS and Android simply aren't available on Windows Phone.